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France: On The Road

Paris, the city of love and a thousand other clichés, still holds a certain mystic. But no matter how many written words this great city has commanded - however familiar this town may appear - Paris will always remain an enigma, a magnet for millions of visitors from around the world.

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Full Name French Republic
Capital City Paris

547,030 sq km
211,208 sq miles

Population 60,400,000
Time Zone GMT/UTC +1(Central European Time)
Daylight Saving Start last Sunday in March
Daylight Saving End last Sunday in October
Languages French (official)
Religion 86% Roman Catholic, 8% Muslim, 2% Protestant 1% Jewish, 3% unaffiliated
Currency Euro (Euro)
Electricity 230V 50HzHz
Country Dialing Code 33


Secret Resorts in Germany A Checklist to Find Them Part of

Final Issue with the German Hotel Classification and the overall checklist.To cut a long story short, here we go :-).---------------------------
German Hotel Classification

A quite good indicator to select and find Secret Resorts in Germany is our German Hotel Classification. It's masterminded by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA).1996 they established their classification "code". Their assessment is based exclusively on objective criteria. Individual evaluations are emotional and subjective. This is why the hotel rating does not mirror subjective aspects.

And you specifically can use this system as one more criteria on selecting and finding the Secret Resorts of your dreams.They categorize hotels in a 5-Star segment. Each hotel classified by the DEHOGA has a signal outside their hotel, mostly close to their entrance.

On that plate you see immediately how many Stars this hotel has, given by the DEHOGA.See it however as a short message about quality standards of that hotel.The range goes from 1 to 5 Stars, whereby a Wellness Hotel with 5 Stars might be a Secret Resort. You will however also find Secret Resorts with a 3-Star plate outside. But they should not have a plate less than 3-Stars, okay?.Good.

In Germany however are some TOP-hotels without this plate, because they assign to have "their own" classification code.Anyway, as I already told you this is only "one more" indicator for your selection.For more details about our German Hotel Classification go to their official website at www.hotelsterne.de/englisch/index-englisch.

html and browse through their descriptions.So, finally we can go now to the overall checklist of how to find Secrets Resorts in Germany. With that checklist handy you surely will find the Wellness Hotel of your dreams. Simply print this page out and check each point.Enough the fluff, here we go. ;-).

.Step 1 - Environment.- Location, Location, Location! The Secret Resort should not be on or near a high traffic street.- Layout Plan; to see where the Secret Resort is located.- With their addresses handy go online and do a research on a route planner by yourself (I have recently produced a video on how to use our German route planners.

You can watch it for free by simply signing up for my free monthly Special Report at www.smart-travel-germany.com/smart-travel-guide.

html).- make sure the wellness hotel is located near a forest or at least far away of 'daily traffic'.Step 2 - Age and Condition.- when were the Secret Resorts built?.- when were they reconditioned the last time?.

- last recondition should have been within the last, better six years.- do you find the beauty of the hotel outside or inside? (should be inside; you don't sleep and get treatened outside, do you?!).Step 3 - Wellness Sector.- Sauna; at least two, better four AND INSIDE the house (not a few miles to drive).

- Solarium; if desirable.- Massage; this is absolutely a MUST have! Here also: IN-house.- Pools; also, should have been reconditioned recently.That's it! Slap your back, we have covered a lot!.Now that you know how you find real Secret Resorts in Germany, I wish you a great trip and a pleasant stay!.Send me your experiences! I'm hot to get to know them! Go to the contact page on my website and submit your travel reports.

Tell me what you have seen and experienced so far.Enjoy your trip(s)!.Marcus Hochstadt
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You may use this article in its entirety with the Author Bio and links.

.Marcus Hochstadt travels extensively to countries, continents and Germany itself as a sales manager and entrepreneur since more than 14 years. He knows in almost each German city the points of real interest.

In his free monthly Special Report at http://www.smart-travel-germany.com/smart-travel-guide.html he reveales more valuable insider tips and travel secrets.

By: Marcus Hochstadt

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Secret Resorts in Germany A Checklist to Find Them Part of - Final Issue with the German Hotel Classification and the overall checklist.

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