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France: On The Road

Paris, the city of love and a thousand other clichés, still holds a certain mystic. But no matter how many written words this great city has commanded - however familiar this town may appear - Paris will always remain an enigma, a magnet for millions of visitors from around the world.

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Full Name French Republic
Capital City Paris

547,030 sq km
211,208 sq miles

Population 60,400,000
Time Zone GMT/UTC +1(Central European Time)
Daylight Saving Start last Sunday in March
Daylight Saving End last Sunday in October
Languages French (official)
Religion 86% Roman Catholic, 8% Muslim, 2% Protestant 1% Jewish, 3% unaffiliated
Currency Euro (Euro)
Electricity 230V 50HzHz
Country Dialing Code 33


Vacations - Southern France

If you're planning to travel to the south of France in the near future, think about including a trip to one of the vineyards of the 60 winegrowers in the "Côtes de Provence" region. A small, yet beautiful area, it takes in the departments of the Var and part of the Bouches-du-Rhône.

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The French Riviera - Travel and Tourism in and around Nice

Nice, with the principality of Monaco and Italy just a stone's throw away to one side, and the ancient port of Antibes and the rest of the Riviera (with miles and miles of tourist-pulling beaches) as far as St Tropez on the other, is a popular tourist destination and also a thriving city with a fascinating history and an abundance of culture.

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The city of Rennes

Rennes, located at 300 kilometers southwest of Paris, towards the northwestern area of France, is the municipal capital of the region of Brittany and one of the most interesting towns of it as well. There are several interesting characteristics about this city, such as, for example, its history and its constructions, some of them among the most ancient of the region.

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France - Bordeaux and St. Tropez

France and Paris, Paris and France. You'll have a great time exploring Paris, but you'll miss places like Bordeaux and St. Tropez if you don't get out of the city.

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The Cóte d'Or

The Cóte d'Or is one of the most famous regions of France, recognized in the entire world due to its high quality wines. Its location is very particular since it comprehends an area framed by three important water sources: one given by the Saóne River and the Rhóne River, a second one given by the Seine River, and a third one given by the Loire River.

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"Maison Delbousquet", luxury living in S.W. France.

La Maison Delbousquet in the cozy French village of Sos is a far cry from many gites scattered around France. Traditionally a gite is a farmhouse or other rural dwelling available for visitor rental. Earlier examples included tumbledown farm houses in Brittany but the genre has expanded to include mobile homes in Montpelier and large tents in Tarn amongst a host of other pickings scattered all over the French countryside.

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