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France: On The Road

Paris, the city of love and a thousand other clichés, still holds a certain mystic. But no matter how many written words this great city has commanded - however familiar this town may appear - Paris will always remain an enigma, a magnet for millions of visitors from around the world.

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Full Name French Republic
Capital City Paris

547,030 sq km
211,208 sq miles

Population 60,400,000
Time Zone GMT/UTC +1(Central European Time)
Daylight Saving Start last Sunday in March
Daylight Saving End last Sunday in October
Languages French (official)
Religion 86% Roman Catholic, 8% Muslim, 2% Protestant 1% Jewish, 3% unaffiliated
Currency Euro (Euro)
Electricity 230V 50HzHz
Country Dialing Code 33

The city of Rennes

by Jakob Jelling

Rennes, located at 300 kilometers southwest of Paris, towards the northwestern area of France, is the municipal capital of the region of Brittany and one of the most interesting towns of it as well. There are several interesting characteristics about this city, such as, for example, its history and its constructions, some of them among the most ancient of the region.

Rennes economy is based on its agriculture as well as some industrial products. It produces an important amount of agricultural products which are consumed within the region as well as throughout several other places. Besides this, Rennes also produces farm equipment, railroad related products and cars among others.

At its origins, Rennes was the main city of the Celtic Redones. After that, this town became part of the Romans domains, and the next important historic fact happened during the XX century, when it was named capital of Brittany. this way, this city has had an important role in many époques as well as it has gone through several important changes.

During the XVIII century, around the year 1720, Rennes went through a disastrous fire which caused it to lose many of its original buildings and caused its general appearance to change. Later, during World War II, Rennes became again badly affected, this time for bombing, which again caused it to loose some of its constructions.

Although many of its original buildings and constructions disappeared, many others still remain almost unchanged. Among these constructions there are, for example, the Duchesne Tower from the XV century, the Palais Saint Georges from the XVII century, the Opera from the XIX century, many mansions from the XVII century and others from the XIX century, and several squares from the XVIII century among others.

The Chapel of Saint Yves is another great construction located in Rennes and which still shows many of its original characteristics unchanged. This building was constructed during the XV century, and is an amazing inheritance from the past. Besides the construction itself, those who approach the Cathedral of Saint Yves can also visit permanent exhibitions which take place within its walls.

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